Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Year of Healthy and Gourmet

I started this blog as a means of keeping my family and friends (in the Caribbean and Canada) abreast with my life in the US. My travels, my thoughts, new interests, and my cooking. I have been cooking since the age of ten so they knew that this was part of who I am, a part that was not going. 

Today, Healthy and Gourmet is one year old. Over the past twelve months, this blog has morphed into primarily a food blog, a transition which I thoroughly welcomed.  It has also become more than just a project or a hobby. It is now a purpose. While I am very careful not to be defined by it, H&G is now part of my routine. I have learnt a tremendous amount about what I am capable of, both psychologically and culinarily.  My cooking skills have improved as well as my skills in patience and perseverance. One of the best lessons was learning how to deal with negative and sometimes hurtful criticism. I have learnt to persevere when faced with this sort of criticism and during bouts of zero motivation. 

While my family and friends are still avid followers, I have met many new and fascinating people, people whose generous comments and suggestions make blogging even more enjoyable. Some share my interests and some have interests that are as far from mine as Britney Spears is from great acting but whose pursuits and opinions keep me intrigued and inspired. Thank you everyone! 




ttfn300 said...

CONGRATS on your blogiversary :)

Anonymous said...


Chennette said...

that anonymous congratulations was me - somehow it didn't let me leave a name. darned slow internet. what do they expect me to do at work ;-)

zerrin said...

Congrats! I hope you continue this blog forever :) You have a very friendly style, which I liked much.

Edna Guevara said...

I want to start eating healthy too. One of my 3 ultimate dreams in life is to be a vegetarian but I don't know where to start. Any tips to start enjoying eating more and more veggies?