Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photos from Minneapolis Farmers Market Cooking Show

Last Saturday, I had an fantastic cooking presentation at the farmers market. The weather turned out nicely (compared to last year when I did the show and it was 50 degrees and windy) as did the crowds, and my recipes. You just never know when you're cooking in a new kitchen, what might go wrong, and thankfully nothing did. Emily Noble was a very capable host as was Sandy Hill (producer of Market Talk on AM 950) who so graciously helped with prepping. Here are some photos from the event. To see the entire album, click here for my Facebook page.

Prepping with Sandy Hill and Emily Noble.

Demonstrating how to layer a raspberry trifle.

Finished Product: Raspberry Trifle.


Cristina said...

I applaud you for a successful demonstration. I'd be a bag full of nerves! :) That raspberry trifle looks absolutely amazing...just gorgeous!

Sophie said...

Congrats to you for doing the presentation & the show!! Yeah to you, ...we applaud you! :)

I know you did a great job!

Kisses from Brussels to you!

Simply Life said...

Great photos! That truffle looks amazing!

Rico said...

Looks amazing and very sinful...but who cares I would have a quarter of it...hehe

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Natasha said...

Thank you all! It was a great show, with great food!

Tristan said...

Well done, Natasha. Proud of you.

Natasha said...

Thank you!