Monday, July 11, 2011


Muddle: to mix, to make muddy or to make a mess of.

Probably the most savory use of this word is in recipes for mojitos. The following is a basic recipe for the cuban standard.

Basic Mojito
Serves 1

4 mints leaves
juice of 1/2 lime
1 tbsp sugar
2 oz light rum
2 oz club soda
1 spring mint

Muddle or crush the mint leave into the lime juice, at the bottom of a tall glass. Add sugar and continue to muddle to release most of the mint oils. Fill the glass with ice and pour in the rum and club soda. Stir and serve.


Lazaro Cooks said...

Now you're speaking my language, love me some mojitos. Cool glass too by the way.

Natasha said...

Cheers my mojito-loving friend!

Nisha India said...

mojitos...yummy and delicious. I love reading your blog articles, its offers so good recipes

Nithu said...

My favorite drink. Looks perfect.

Natasha said...

Thanks Nithu!