Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carnival Cocktail

I woke up this morning a little bit jealous. Jealous of my relatives and friends in Trinidad who, at this very moment, are loading up their cars and headed to the beach. It is an Ash Wednesday ritual. After two days of Carnival reveling, not to mention the weeks of parties leading up Carnival, everyone is exhausted, and the beach is where everyone congregates to unwind and recharge. While the tone is somewhat less festive, there is usually music and good food. Not a bad way to spend a day in the middle of the week. So maybe you can now understand why I am a little jealous.

In lieu of the beach, today I have my post- carnival cocktail. A combination of fresh pineapple, rum and coconut water. And looking at the bright side of things, my friends have the beach but there is a high probability that the traffic going to the beach will be horrendous. I do not have to deal with that. At least that is what I will try to convince myself of all day.

Carnival Cocktail
Serves 2

1 cup fresh pineapple
1/2 cup rum
1 cup coconut juice
2 tbsp agave
Angostura bitters

Blend the first 4 ingredients together and divide between two cocktail glasses. Serve with a couple dashes of bitter.


Marina said...

love this! One up from a pina colada :)

Andrea said...

This looks and sounds delish. I must try it soon.

Natasha said...

Thanks! I really hope you get to make it one day.

LinsFood said...

Looks really good, have never had Angostura bitters, one to make for the summer!

Natasha said...

Thanks Lin! This will make a great summer drink.

Wheres k&b said...

Looks great. Perfect for a beach setting.

Patent Attorney said...

Sounds great, and definitely more exciting than a pina colada.

Accountants Lady said...

My gosh this sounds amazing, it would instil the carnival spirit in anyone, that's for sure!

Serviced Apartments Lady London said...

I can totally understand your jealously, but I think this cocktail will do more than enough to inject a bit of Trinidadian flavour into your life!