Monday, June 15, 2009

Share Our Strength Minneapolis

Last Friday, Share our Strength held its Taste of the Nation benefit in Minneapolis. All proceeds went towards helping eradicate childhood hunger in America. Statistics show that approximately 700 00 thousand children in the United States experience hunger while more than 12 million live in homes where the concept of stable meals is not the norm but a daily battle for these families. (Progressive Policy Institute) Share our Strength is hoping to totally end this affliction by 2015. Visit their website for future events and other ways you can help this cause.

At Friday's event, restaurants from in and around the Minneapolis metro area offered samples of some of their signature dishes, as well as ones created specifically for the event. A couple of the highlights were the giant pot of paella served by Kitchen Window, and the passion fruit petits fours created by pastry chef Christina Kaelberer of Chambers.

I was also one of the judges at the mixology competition between Johnny Michaels from La Belle Vie and Birk Gruden from the Bradstreet Crafthouse. A tough job but someone had to do it. No, seriously, it was a tough job considering that they both are the top mixologists in the area. It was a close duel but at the end of the night, and after fervent taste-testing, Gruden emerged the winner.

Here are some photos of the evening.

The large pot of paella served by Kitchen Window. If you ever have to cook for 100, this is the pot for you.

Johnny Michaels and Birk Gruden doing what they do best.

With the other two judges: Mecca Bos-Williams of MetroMag, and Ezra Sauter, the lucky audience member.

With event chair Becky Opdyke.


Minni-me said...

I am going to the next event.
Good food for a good cause.

The Spanish Cowboy said...

Where can I get the recipe for that Paella?

Tangled Noodle said...

I'm so bummed that I missed this! I know Foodbuzz was offering a chance at tickets but I was in the middle of summer class. So thank you for posting about the event! (BTW, what was the winning drink?)

Natasha said...

Minni-me, hope to see you at the next event.

Spanish cowboy, I plan to get that recipe soon and post it here. Stay tuned!

T. Noodle, there was no one winning drink. Points were awarded for appearance, aroma, and taste in three categories, with Bradstreet Crafthouse the overall winner. Will you be at the next event?